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Electroacoustic – Contemporary Classical


The new musical project of siblings Markéta Schley Reindl and Tomáš Reindl creates an unusual connection of the temple organ with interactive electronics, Indian tabla drums and other instruments and devices. The project takes advantage of the current capabilities of real-time audio processing technology, which among other things allows capture, frozen, granulating of organ sound and its modulating into ambient soundscape structures and unique patterns. Those patterns are fluently, naturally changing and creating unique dimensional counterpoint to the real sound from the organ bark. The project was launched in 2019 and has had two successful appearances – in famous Santini's Gothic Cathedral in Kladruby and in the Church of St.Stephan in Bamberg, Germany, and others are planned in unique sacral premises in the Czech Republic and abroad. Markéta Schley Reindl becomes one of the best European organ player and Tomas Reindl is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and tabla player from Prague, Czech Republic. In his music he is often crossing the genre borders, he draws inspiration from ancient musical traditions of both East and West.  At the same time, he takes advantage of contemporary approaches and music technology.

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